A bigger slice of the Clean Technology meat pie

Federal minister for climate change and energy efficiency, Greg Combet, has announced (Tuesday 31 July) in a press release that larger processors directly exposed to the carbon tax can now access dollar-for-dollar grants under the Government’s $1 billion Clean Technology Investment Programs.

Specifically this targets manufacturers who operate a facility that emits 25,000 tonnes or greater of greenhouse gas emissions but less than 100,000 tonnes, in the full financial year prior to their application lodgement.

The new funding ratio would also be available retrospectively to businesses that meet the criteria, and have already lodged an application under the Clean Technology Investment Programs.

Jon Condon from Beef Central reported that this is a big win for larger meat processors. An industry stakeholder suggesting this change in policy could be worth as much as $27 million in cost savings to the processing sector’s larger members.
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Wiley’s Process Engineering Director, Steve Christie expressed how the ratio shift would benefit Wiley and their clients, "This opportunity gives more food businesses the ability to focus on fast tracking clean, eco-efficient projects which aligns them with the general community’s drive towards a low carbon future."