Avoid building a new old facility

Avoid building a new old facility

  • Industry Type: Industrial Manufacturing, Logistics, Food Processing
  • Author: Steve Christie
  • Service Area: Advice, Design, Engineering
  • Date: 23 Jul 2014

Excerpt from Introduction – Full Article PDF

The latest catch phrases storming the media describe the ‘Dining Revolution’ and set Australia as the ‘Food bowl of Asia’, but the real story paints a different picture. The reality of the matter is that we import more food than we export. Looking at our competitive position in the food trade worldwide isn’t any more encouraging either.

Statistics sourced from a 2014 KPMG report have indicated that in the decade 2002-2012 the Australian share in Asian food markets has dropped significantly. Similarly, Australia’s ranking as food supplier to these countries has slipped; in some cases dramatically so. This illustrates that Australia’s market share in Asia is being usurped by other nations as we fail to capitalise on the demands and opportunities that the food industry offers up.

Read on in the Full Article PDF. Wherein Steve outlines more of the challenges facing food manufacturers and then provides insights into the following key areas, and how they are re-defining the future of food facility design and delivery:

  • Human-centred Design
  • Automation/Technology/Innovation/BIM
  • Project Delivery: Open Innovation Model