Lessons from Israel for Australian AgTech

Wiley Managing Director, Tom, is today at Food & Fibre: Our future hosted by KPMG in Melbourne, Australia.  The event is set to stimulate thinking about how to seize the opportunities facing the Food & Fibre industry and discuss the latest global and local initiatives.

A particular stand out by KPMG’s Ben van Delden was ‘dial up the chutzpah! Lessons from Israel for Australian AgTech.

On the KPMG website, Ben reports on how Australia can – and should – be getting a larger piece of the global AgTech activity with insights from his trip to Israel as part of the Agri-Food Trade Mission.

Already there are some great Australian AgTech ideas making an impact here and internationally. Australian startups are working to apply technology such as sensors, precision technology, farm management software, robots, online marketplaces for labour and assets, drones, and herd management technology to improve yields and quality, and reduce farm costs.

When looking for a true global stand-out, it is hard to look past Israel, one of the world’s fastest growing AgTech markets. We know Israel has perfected citrus cultivation for its desert conditions, extended the shelf life of regular cherry tomatoes, and revolutionised irrigation with drip technology. Israeli scientists are producing crops achieving a USD1 million per kilogram price point and working on making 3-D printable chicken meat a reality!

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