Moggill State School Expands for Growth, Delivered by Wiley

Moggill SS

Moggill State School in Queensland, Australia has expanded to accommodate the growth of their learning community. We are excited to share that the construction of this project has been delivered by Wiley, completed in November 2020.

The project consisted of a multi-level General Learning Centre which included General learning Area (GLAs), Outdoor Learning Areas (OLAs), associated learning support areas and amenities and was.

As Moggill State School is currently at 97% of the school’s student enrolment capacity, this left the school in need of new facilities for future students. The Department of Education allocated a new General Learning Centre which will included, four GLA’s, a PLA (practical learning area), outdoor learning areas, two PWD’s (Persons with Disabilities) and student amenities, valued at $4 million. This facility also included a covered walkway for future access to the school.

Wiley’s Education Director, Tom Wilson said, “We are proud to have delivered this excellent facility, which will provide a superb learning and interactive environment for the students and staff. Thank you to all the local subcontractors and suppliers who contributed to this great project.”