Seattle builds nation’s largest food forest

Seattle builds nation’s largest food forest

How do you avoid the impending food crisis which many would seemingly believe is unavoidable? Permaculture on a communal scale seems to be a good start.

The residents of Beacon Hill in the U.S. state of Seattle have just broken ground on what they believe is their own sustainable solution to the problem.

Dubbed the Beacon Food Forest, this seven arce communal plan will incoporate a sheltered classroom for community workshops, playgrounds and kid space full of thornless mini edibles adjacent to community gardening plots, native plant areas, a big timber-frame gazebo and gathering space with people barbecuing, a recreational field.

All this surounded by an Eden-esque garden paradise which is planned to feature large chestnuts and walnuts in the overstory, full-sized fruit trees like big apples and mulberries in the understory, and berry shrubs, climbing vines, herbaceous plants, and vegetables closer to the ground.

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