Wiley help JBS reduce their carbon bill with $8.7M biogas recovery project

Australia’s largest producer of meat products and long-term clients of Wiley—JBS Australia (JBS) have engaged Wiley to project manage the upgrade of their waste water treatment system.

This upgrade will involve the design, construction and installation of new pre-treatment equipment and covered anaerobic lagoon technology. This technology will start saving the company money off their carbon tax bill as soon as the lagoons are covered.

Specifically, this project involves:

  • A new 20 Megalitre anaerobic pond
  • A biomethane gas recovery system from new and existing ponds
  • Integration of biomethane gas as fuel for the existing gas fired boiler
  • A red waste stream dissolved air flotation system replacement
  • System for tallow recovery
  • Modifications to existing trade waste system.

Having a long and successful relationship, Wiley and JBS are no strangers to working together on environmentally innovative projects. In 2010, their revolutionary salt water, hide processing plant was awarded the Master Builders Association Brisbane Award for Innovation in Environmental Management.

Tom Wiley, Managing Director said “We are proud to work with JBS, supporting their ongoing commitment to environmental innovation. Every project like this is a positive step toward a better future.”

With the project now in the construction phase, Wiley are onsite and completion of works is planned for March 2014.