Wiley Industrial

WILEY INDUSTRIAL | Design, construct, and delivery of large-scale, exceptional industrial projects.

Wiley Industrial is an established large-scale industrial team that has been building things for people to store, work, manufacture, grow, learn and play in since 1918.

Our Wiley Industrial team works tirelessly to safely deliver successful projects and ensure our clients feel empowered, calm, confident, supported, and in control. Guided by our core values, our teams drive high performance and deliver innovative solutions across the globe.

At Wiley, we believe in making a difference and creating a better future.

Wiley provides complete design and construct solutions and is committed to delivering your project safely and creating an optimal outcome for your business. We deliver across the spectrum from simple to complex projects with a variety of contracting delivery models to balance quality and cost to match your requirements.

Wiley provides:

  • Full design and construct services
  • Master-planning
  • CAPEX Management
  • Construction management
  • Design management and detailed design development
  • Construction documentation and detailed drawing development
  • BIM processes to suit your project – 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D or even 7D
  • Renewable energy solutions
  • Experienced and dedicated site management and supervision (STP’s)
  • Contractor, subcontractor and consultant selection and management
  • Management of regulatory applications and approvals
  • Facility upgrades
  • Service upgrade works—sprinklers system retrofits in existing facilities and transformer
  • Building works related to new equipment installs
  • Procurement and tendering services
  • Services improvement
  • Insulated panel work
  • Structural surveys of existing buildings
  • Service reviews of existing buildings

Our People

Tom Wilson

Operations Manager

Ray Schnitzerling

Design Director